Supraflex Adult Body Protector

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Supraflex Body Protector/Safety Vest

What makes the Supraflex different from other safety vests on the market?
The key difference is the multi-block cutting of the foam sections. These allow more flexibility  and comfort for the rider without sacrificing the highest European level of safety, the BETA Level 3. Level 3 is denoted by the purple and white hang tag.

Level 3 dictates: “Protectors providing a level of protection that is considered appropriate for normal horse riding, competitions and for working with horses. Prevent minor bruising that would have produced stiffness and pain. Reduce significant soft tissue injuries to the level of bruising. Prevent limited number of rib fractures.

Unlike some hard foam single or double layer one panel vests, this vest actually conforms extremely well to the contours of a rider’s shape and movement. The quality of the finish is truly excellent as are all of the materials used in production.

The complete hang tag is filled with valuable information including: explanation of all agencies and their levels of inspection, sizes and fits with detailed measurements and diagrams, how to select a correct body protector, instructions for proper use and adjustment, a description of the protection provided, care and maintenance instructions, and finally what not to expect from the vest.

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