BR AeroTech Stirrups

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This lightweight, synthetic stirrup features a wide stainless steel tread with coarse pattern. This laser-engraved pattern provides optimal support to the rider and, as a result, relieves tension in hips, knees, ankles and calves. Thanks to the open structure of the tread, dirt and water can easily fall off/flow away. The AeroTech stirrup is characterized by an offset opening, which ensures that the open side of the stirrup is positioned towards the rider. This unique patented system allows the stirrup leather to lie flat and untwisted against the saddle, thereby avoiding friction between the rider's leg and the stirrup leather. In addition, the foot will be kept in the correct position and as a result, this provides more stability and improves leg position. A steel pin has been inserted in the lower part of the stirrup for extra weight. This will secure a stable stirrup position if the foot accidentally slides off the stirrup. As a result, the rider can quickly get his foot back in the stirrup. Both stirrup and tread are wear-resistant. 

Size: 12 cm.

Colour: Black/Titanium


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